Mary Stevens Home Cash University

The Mary Stevens Home Cash University program may not be what you think it is. If you are wondering whether or not it's legitimate or simply a scam, you will get the information to answer that question right here.

First of all Mary Stevens is a fake name that has been used to promote numerous work at home scams, including some that have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. Most of the scams have been what are known as link-posting scams. To understand how link-posting scams work, you can read this page about them.

There are many other fake names that are commonly used to promote link-posting scams such as the A to Z Cash System, Home Cash University and others. You can read through a long list of them on this page:

Probably, the most notorious scam that the Mary Stevens name was used to promote, was one called Profit Masters Academy which you can read about here:

I think you'll be surprised at what you learn on those pages.

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